Utoya Delta-8 Shatter – Lemon Haze


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Utoya’s Premium Delta 8 Shatter – One Gram Jars

These Delta 8 dabs are Utoya’s favorite new addition to the line-up. These tasty delta 8 shatter dabs are sure to pack the punch you are looking for. You don’t need to change how you are dabbing, choose your preferred device such as a dab rig and banger with a nice carb cap or get a vaporizer to enjoy a controlled temperature. Regardless of your device, you will be sure to enjoy these well-crafted delta 8 shatters.


This is a clean shatter, it’s initial inhale is very smooth but nearly flavorless though it has its delta 8 taste for certain. It has a slight fresh earthy flavor. This shatter exhales very smoothly, and with it, you will find it’s more earthy after tones, still light and very pleasant.

How Does It Feel?

Delta 8 varies from person to person, however, our team tried it themselves and said it was a smooth, focused, uplifted sort of a feeling. Very enjoyable, and surprisingly potent!